Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Let the Games begin...the season is upon us.

Oh hey hi, how do.
Trust you are ok, all good here.  So where were we...ah yes excuses to start with.......

Well you know the way it goes, the best laid plans of mice and men as they say...in this instance were to be a full, frank and interesting appraisal of the training trip and introduction to the latest adventure, a season with Busabout as a European driver.   However, time, a teach the teacher course, some travel and first aid training, not to mention a short stint with the circus mean that I am way behind time...or is all this a poor excuse for a rather lazy writer to cut straight to the chase and summarise what was a long 6 week experience in a mere one or two paragraphs...
Well either way here it is, and as always will stick as many photos up as I can so that you get the picture, as to their order mmmm and sorry to say but all the tags on the photos just have not come out....will try and do better next time!

Now if you are one of the crew read on if you want but you have now passed this stage, this is just a distant memory, thank goodness hey!
So we all met, guides and drivers over two months ago now, all eager, fresh and not sleep deprived.   What then happened over the next 6 weeks was that our eagerness was tested, our freshness, well certainly that of our clothes was pushed to the rain-soaked limit and as for sleep, yes we were totally deprived!    But as they say, that which does not kill you makes you stronger, and so it was with us.   Yeah there were a few that did not come all the way through the training and sought pastures new but for the most part we did.  
I found the training trip to be quite interesting in terms of management, being an adult trainer myself and learned a lot about the process.   Interesting to be the trainee for a change.   We were, are a diverse bunch of bods, guys and gals, drivers and guides but put us all together and I reckon we will rock Europe and help deliver the dream trip for loads of travellers this season and beyond.
So what did we actually do on the training trip?   Well as drivers we ....wait for it.....yep we drove around Europe, brilliant idea that.  We also took loads of route notes so as to find out exactly where the bananas we are meant to go.   The guides merely learnt 1000s of years of European history, where is great to go out, what to see, where to go if it all goes wrong, who to call...well everything there is to know about Europe really....massive well done guys, seriously impressed.
That was a 6 week marathon that left us all pretty knackered.   However the season was then upon us and so with no mucking about we have all taken to the road and are out there living the dream.....well everyone else is...I am yet to join them as have been sorting a bit of family business and all that.
Ah so there we are, well done CJ, nicely compressed entry.

Will sign off, but before I do let us talk gossip...yep there was some good goss. on the training trip and I like to feel that I got a grasp of it....just not sure I can yet reveal all as I need to get back out there and see what the state of play is.